Quick list of what I have, bought and am waiting on for pre-and post-op

Just because I’ve had a hard time finding this information in one place, here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve accumulated to support Dieter’s pre-and post-op.  I’ll add more things as they reveal themselves to be useful.

1.  The Big Barker (7″ of American-made support for your big 4-legged friend – yeah!)

2.  The Webmaster – I’ve been using Ruffwear stuff for years and this product is outstanding, as are all their other things.

2.5.  A soft towel to act as a sling for getting in and out of the car until he can wear the Webmaster

3.  Random “dog towels” – for whatever spills, accidents, oozing, and/or drooling may be going on

4.  Grip Trex booties – these I bought for Otto many years ago and he HATED them.  I’ve been easing them onto Dieter’s feet for familiarity in case they’d be helpful at the vet’s office down the line

5.  Hydrogen peroxide and triple antibacterial lotion – just in case things look a little too pink / red at some point

6.  Inflatable cone – somehow this just seems a teeny bit more dignified than the “cone of shame”

7.  I’m going to buy Bella’s hot/cold pack for pain management

8.  The BF showed up on Friday night with 500 sq ft of commercial-grade carpeting in his truck.  The whole house, which has stained concrete floors, is now carpeted.  I doubt you have as amazing a BF as I do, but now you know the secret.

9.  A baby gate with a swinging door to cordon off his recovery area (aka the bedroom)

10.  A bunch of new toys to destroy as he recovers (Goodwill and Costco are cheap sources of soft toys that destruct gratifyingly easily).

11.  Elevated food bowls – really tall ones since he’s such a tall boy.  His current 12″ ones will not be good for his posture on three legs.  I can’t remember the brand name, but these are 16″ tall and I ordered them from amazon.com

12.  I raided Costco for soups, canned fruits, cereal, yogurt, Clif bars and other easy-to-prepare and reasonably healthy foods (oh, ok, except for the 15-pack of mac and cheese) so that I would not have to think about what I was going to eat while I was paying attention to his recovery

12.5.  Comfort food (see #12)

13.  The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.  I haven’t started reading it yet, but I’ll review it when I do.

14.  A good book to read for when I can’t concentrate on work or just want to hang out with him while he’s less mobile.

9 thoughts on “Quick list of what I have, bought and am waiting on for pre-and post-op”

  1. Sounds like you are very prepared for your upcoming journey!

    As a young lab, I’m sure Dieter will do amazingly well.

    Be prepared for some “emotional” moments – for you not him – but you know you have made the best decision for him.

    Good Luck with the surgery and recovery

    Linda and Tucker

  2. omg girl…
    you are prepared.. forget about my last post in your previous blog..
    that will teach me to not read allllll the blog entries first.. lol
    looks like you got everything down pat and ready to go!!
    you only forgot one thing… pig ears..
    Christine….. with Franklin in her heart♥

  3. Yes indeeedy, this is a wo derful list!

    Even down to the comfort food for you (although I didn’t see the chocolate that you could melt all of yor macaroni and cheese!). Nice job!

    I love that you got the Big Barker Bed too…..I reall believe that has helped Happy Hannah with her joints, etc. Her elevated food bowls consist of a foot stool and a box! It works though!

    I know this is a nerve-wracking time, and recovery is no picnic. Sounds like you have a GREAT voyfriend to help support you! Yeah, he so ds like a keeper! He’s already shown te most important qualification……loving Dieter!!

    Stay connected to us, okay? And thanks again for sharing that wonderful list!!

    Hugs to all your pack!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. Jerry, I’d be honored if this list was included in the Gear blog!

    Thanks for all the great welcomes! It was an easy choice to support the site; I’ve already received a tremendous benefit from signing up.

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