About Dieter

Dieter (pronounced dee-ter) is a male, black Lab.  He’s 1 year and 9 months old.  He’s big and long legged; classic American style Lab.  He is a rescue that took me a long time to find, but was the perfect match to our extended pack (2 humans and 4 dogs total).  Goofy, leggy, love at first sight for everyone involved.  He came to the rescue from a backyard breeder, under circumstances that were not clear to us, however I can say with certainty that he has a better life now than he did before.  He is probably the best-behaved Lab puppy you will ever meet.  Naturally mellow, although he did have counter-surfing tendencies when he first came home.  What Lab doesn’t like a little nibble?!  He also has his crazy-puppy moments of racing around the house, but not often.  It is at these times when he is referred to as “Die-tard”.  He has a big brother, Otto, who is 4 years older, and who has a significantly larger repertoire of nicknames (give me time).  They are great buddies and the best companions anyone could ask for.


4 thoughts on “About Dieter”

  1. Welcome Dieter-

    What a handsome boy you are. I look forward to hearing more of your story.

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  2. What a great “resce” story!! Dieter knew what he was ding when ne “picked you”

    I love that he and Ott are best buds! You jave a wnderful pack and they clearly are lucky to have you as their human!

    I’m sorry yo are facng ths “challenge” vut ighty glad you joinedour family! We are here for you pretty much 24/7.

    Dieter sounds like a lovely gentle soul and thanks fr lettkngus get to know him. And thanks for the photo! We LOVE photos here!

    YAAAAAAY for counter-surfing dogs! Grinning about that one!

    (((((((((hugs to all)))))))))))))

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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